As a collector and specialist of the stamps, cancellations and postal history of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies for more than 40 years, I feel that I have the knowledge and reference collection necessary to offer a service of expertising items from this area. For more than 30 years I have been writing certificates for Falkland Islands and Dependencies stamps, cancellations and postal history and the general expertising committees use me as a consultant for items from this area.

It has been a growing concern among Falkland Islands collectors that some experts and expert committees are making more mistakes or are unwilling to issue certificates for a growing number of categories within Falkland Islands philately, and this was one of the reasons for me to start this service.

I am quite aware that I do not know everything and in cases where I am uncertain of the status of an item examined, I will consult other specialists within Falkland Islands philately for their opinion. My speciality is the philately of the Falkland Islands and Dependencies up to 1937.

The service includes an examination of the item concerned and the writing of a certificate for it. I am prepared to examine and issue certificates for any kind of items including stamps, postal history, cancellations, shades, varieties etc.

The charge for this service is £20 per item plus return postage (minimum £10 per shipment) and I normally expect to be able to examine and return a shipment within three weeks.

My insurance covers all items in my custody and in mail transit. Items can be sent to me by registered or insured mail and there are no customs or VAT duties for shipments from other European Union (EU) countries. From non-EU countries it is important that a green customs declaration is filled out, stating that the shipment contains items for examination which will be returned. I will normally return the items by registered mail, privately insured and without statement of value.

Please contact me if you have any further questions.

E-MAIL ADDRESS: stefan@novastamps.com

POSTAL ADDRESS: Stefan Heijtz, Box 19541, S-104 32 Stockholm, Sweden

FAX: +46-8108361

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